How to satisfy a Woman

How to satisfy a Woman

How to Satisfy a Woman – 10 Simple Steps to Satisfy Her Č The following steps have been put together to help you learn how to satisfy a woman sexually. Follow them and you will come across differently from most other men she’s been with. She will be satisfied. She will beg you to try it again and again in the future.

Step One. Arouse her mentally and physically.

Your goal here is really to arouse her to the point of readiness. You can do this by talking to her and listening to what she might have to say about herself. Sometimes, I find this is the key step and the biggest common denominator between men and women; they both have slightly different views on how they should approach sex. Find out where she stands on this issue. If she lies or exaggerates about how easy it is to orgasm, then you’re really talking to the truth.

One technique that works well is sharing about fantasies. It is perfectly normal for both men and women to share about the fantasy they have had in the past. Remember that women need to learn how to orgasm as well. So, sharing about what she likes will make her feel that you really care about her and you’re not just doing this for your own pleasure. Shocking? Well, it may be a shock to many men but this is a technique that works.

The next step is arousing her emotionally. So, what you’re going to do is obviously get her in the mood and let her know how you feel about her. This is a crucial step.

Step Two. Be manly.

This is the one that everyone makes a mistake about. Both men and women love to hear you talk dirty and be manly. 시알리스 효과 So do not hold back. Even if you are not having intercourse, tell her how much you love making love with her.

Step Three. Let her lead you.

Here’s the difficult part. As I mentioned earlier, women are not the same as men. Knowing how to please a woman is something that does not come naturally. In the first place, women take longer to arouse than men and they need to be gradually led to the bedroom.

So, you need to first get her in the mood and do the little things for her that she gives you without asking. It’s a little aggression and dare in the beginning to grab her sexuality and authority. The examples I am going to give you are not things you would normally do, but it will show you how to start making love with her.

“Always treat her like a sexual lady.”

“Always throw her a romantic party.”

“Always surprise her with a gift and card romantic.”

“Kiss her on her neck when you are eating dinner, and treat her like a queen.”

These examples really show you how to start making love with her, but there are many other things you can do and build up from there. If one of you is missing, don’t be frustrated. Keep loving and remember that the missing part of making love is not that you are not having sex, but that you are not making love to her. Even when you start the lovemaking part, you should make it so that she is already hot and bothered. If you make love to her when she is not in the mood, it will only end up in a routine and you will not allow her to enjoy herself.

You want to please her the way she wants to be pleased. You want her to have the orgasm of her life, which is why you worked so hard to get her in the mood. Now it’s time that you gave her what she was wanting and it’s time that you got some help to get there.

There are some tips that you can use to please her and to give her what she wants. First of all, you need to give her respect. Even if this is something that you have not been doing, showing her that you are considerate, thoughtful and a man of quality would go a long way and help her have a better orgasm.

Next, you need to use your fingers and your mouth to give her pleasure. You do need to give her some attention and stimulation to get her in the mood. You should kiss her, touch her down there, and do a whole lot of things to get her in the mood. A lot of the time you don’t have to just jump in and go for the kill. You can start with the basics and work your way up to the more advanced techniques. That will certainly drive her wild and give her what she wants. How to satisfy a Woman

You can also dress up in different outfits that would highlight your personality in the bedroom. Wearing lingerie can be a great turn on and you can really see how much she loves you. You can also opt to explore each other’s body in these outfits.